So far, so good!

I’m sure some, if not all of you have had the experience of writing out a long lettre/email/essay only to have your computer glitch out and lose everything? Well, that is exactly what just happened to me, twice, and it sucks.

So, as I was saying. Finally, after a 24hr travel day, I am finally in France! I managed to get a somewhat, staggered sleep and I am eagerly waiting to get started on my healing process which starts later this afternoon.

The main reason for this post though, was to share a little adventure story with you. So here goes:

Last night, exhausted but still full of adrenaline, I stepped out onto my balcony for a little night cap. The weather here is quite similar to Vancouvers at the moment although a little sunnier, so I closed the door behind me and quickly realized that I had locked myself out.

After a moment, the severity of the situation set in and I peered through the door to see my keys sitting there on the little desk (not that that would have done me any good) right next to my phone (not that that would have done me any good as I do not have international access) which immediately turned into a cursing rampage followed by a mild panic attack.
As far as I knew, there was no one else on my floor (which I confirmed once I climbed over the railing and tried opening the neighbouring balcony doors) and being 4 minutes to midnight (which is when the front desk closes) I flipped the switch and turned on my cat burglar/ninja mode.
I am on the third floor to put it into perspective.
The roof of this building is covered in those Spanish style, terra cotta tiles. Having seen my fair share of action movies where the hero either goes sliding off or crashing through them, I took extra care not to put too much weight on them.
Clinging to the wall, I gradually made my way from balcony to balcony eventually coming to a tiered section that allowed me to ‘gracefully?’ lower myself down to another balcony one floor below.
Just within reach of said balcony is a tall, narrow cedar type tree that I once again ‘gracefully’ reached out for all the while thinking to myself “France has good health care right? How long will it take them to find me, broken and lying behind this tree? etc….
Stretched out like a starfish, one hand desperately clinging to the railing, the other optimistically reaching for a tree branch I finally managed to climb down just in time to see the curtains from the balcony I had just been deftly, fumbling around on, swaying and a shadowy face peering out.
Safely on the ground, I raced around to the front of the building, just in time to catch the concierge. Giving a brief explanation of why I needed a spare key, all the while picking leaves and sticks out of my hair, I advised the concierge that in the event any calls about burglars trying to break in through the balcony were received, that he should just explain that they likely dreamed the whole thing.
Finally back in my room, I downed the rest of my glass of red that was still sitting there and jumped in to bed safe, warm and totally awake.

This seemed much funnier and entertaining the first time I wrote it out but I hope you enjoy none the less.


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2 thoughts on “So far, so good!

  1. Jay

    That was awesome! Do it again.

  2. Hahaha!! Yes, What Jay said!!

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