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Hello beautiful people! Well, as you may know by now, I have gone through my treatment here in France and have been enjoying my time in Nice absorbing all that I have recently experienced. It is hard to explain exactly what the whole process is and I feel a little strange trying to elaborate on it but I will give it a go. At it’s core, the concept is that of mind over matter to put it in simple terms. The power of the mind and consciousness to heal anything. I’ve always been more of an empirical evidence kind of guy myself but given the distinct lack of understanding in the medical community re: sudden reversals in terminal diagnoses and scientifically inexplicable changes/cures in life threatening illnesses I was compelled to embrace this concept and man oh man am I glad I did.
Not to mention the fact that I am out of truly viable medical options other than certain treatments that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and have similar success rates to what I just did.
So, we were a small group of about 20 people from all around Europe with various ailments and a collective desire to be healed of them. Each day starts with a meditation and then we learned about the connection between the consciousness and the body and how things can manifest themselves in various ways that can block or impede the flow of energy in our beings. There were a series of exercises that we all participated in that were, often, so incredibly powerful and emotional and ultimately it has changed me profoundly. Again, it is hard to explain and I am not sure I am doing it proper justice but just as an example, there was one lovely lady from London with breast cancer and she was very distraught when she arrived. By the end, as she was examining herself daily, she could no longer locate any lumps. She knew exactly where they were but could no longer feel them. Another guy from Switzerland, a very sharp, intelligent, energetic character, the kind of guy I would gladly hang out with and would easily fit in with my friends was cured of his colour blindness. Suddenly, he noticed that a plant in the corner of the room actually had red flowers that he could not see or distinguish from the green leaves and they suddenly jumped out at him.
These are just a couple of examples out of thousands of similar stories. What is most important, for me anyway is that I feel incredible! After working directly with the man himself, Martin Brofman, I have felt quite different. Up until yesterday I was dealing with some significant discomfort in my abdomen which started after he worked on me. As well as feeling really tired but like I said, it’s hard to explain but what I can say is that I feel like things are changing, moving, healing, shrinking and my mind is in such a healthy state that everything looks and feels alive and colourful and new. Weird eh?
This is an ongoing process, the effects of which are working constantly and can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks to take effect. My instinct is to try and convince you or sell you on the validity of this whole thing but truthfully I don’t think that will do anyone any good. What matters is that I believe it worked and that thanks to all of you whom I love dearly. Yes, ALL of you! I am forever changed and soon to be blowing some minds when I head back home for the next round of scans. Thank you all for helping me live this truly life changing experience!
Sending you all love and energy from Nice! See you soon!


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One thought on “The scoop

  1. Carolien Leishman

    Just Amazing Alistair! Your “scoop” is so well written and so succinct it gave a very clear impression of what you experienced in those healing sessions and still experience now! I’m so glad you realize that you don’t need to convince anyone. Keep on healing!

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