Where were we?

Oh right….en route to Moab!

Clearly I have not been holding up my end of the bargain here. This was meant to be a forum of sorts, albeit a proprietary one, owned by me, used solely at my discretion… so really not a forum at all but more of a self aggrandizing soap box from which I am free to spout whatever nonsense I so choose.

In all seriousness though, this was meant to be a way for me to share my experiences of the last year and a bit and keep those of you who are interested, up to date on my health and hopefully, provide a little entertainment or a little splash of hope or inspiration or at the very least a vague interest in what I have been up to. I fear I have failed in just about every aspect therein and I offer my sincere apologies for that.

Truth be told, for a while, I was just tired of talking about myself. Strange I know, as that is usually my favourite subject, however, in this capacity, using this particular medium, based on the fact that this all started due to my cancer prognosis, every new entry is, in a way, an introspective on my pending mortality. That shit can be emotionally exhausting y’all!

That said, this is not a pity party. Not by a long shot! So I says to myself: “Self! Pull up your socks!”, “Get back to work!” yada yada yada, a sprinkle of misappropriated, out of context, self empowering quotes and…OFF WE GO!!!

Before moving on to my adventures in Moab, because I know you are ALL chomping at the bit in anticipation…(wink). A quick update on what has happened in the last 8 (shameful cringe) months since my last post.

First of all, as of this month I have officially doubled the best case scenario given to me by my Dr. vis-a-vis life expectancy. Quite pleased with that one.

The lump (tumour) on my hand was removed in December, leaving me with 8 fingers rather than the de rigueur 10 everyone seems to be so fond of. I figured that evolution was taking it’s sweet time so I decided to surgically jump the line. A gesture of good faith for our future alien overlords…?

Had another lump removed from the back of my neck…turned out to be benign but anything poking out where it shouldn’t these days goes straight on the chopping block!

I finally got my real estate license after putting that process on hold last year. (Tell all your friends!…Seriously! I need all the help I can get.)

I adopted the first law of thermodynamics as a spiritual belief and…

last but not least…

For better or worse, introspectively or overtly expressed my gratitude for every single day on this wild ride we call life. Yay Life!!!

Here is a link to the last travel entry that I never actually posted: http://wp.me/p3c70Z-jL  (you may have to cut & paste to view)

Just to provide a little more context and perhaps help smooth out the seriously disjointed chronology of this blog.

Glad we had this a chance to catch up!

Much love to all of you!







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