Sitting here watching the Colorado river running past me at sunset. Ten, mostly vertical yards away, surrounded by towering, red, sandstone cliffs.
Like chocolate milk with a dash of orange cream and it runs as thick.
I find my eyes darting when I try to stare at the ripples and patterns in the flow. Like trying to keep your eye on a faint star. It disappears in front of your eyes, then you catch it in your peripheral and then it’s gone again. Elusive yet persistent.
It almost seems like parts of it run slower than others and the more volumous or energetic water builds up and climbs over the slower moving water and it all moves in different directions with conflicting velocities. The impression is very frantic when you really stare at it for a while.

Then you fix your eye on a point on the distant shore and hold it.
Suddenly the chaos is tamed. Gentle and slow. Following the path of least resistance.
A perpetual struggle for balance.
The water just wants to be level. It’s in it’s nature.

Holy shit!!! Meteor shower!!!
Man I write slow! I started this at dusk, 13 lines not including this one….
Note to self: pick up the pace!!!!!!

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